What's Your SOAP Fantasy?

Weather you're going for the smell of magical mermaids, majestic unicorns, or enchanting elves, we have something for EVERYONE.

Sweet, Spicy, Earthy, or Floral!

What's Currently Available?

Mystery Bags for $12, $15, & $20!

Grab Bag 1 includes : 2 bars of deliciously scented  mystery soaps

Grab Bag 2 includes: 3 bars of deliciously scented  mystery soaps

Sample Bags include: 6 mini deliciously scented  mystery soaps

Mystery Grab Bags

What Others Are Saying About Our Products...

Ann Marie Penton

It's amazing! I love it so much it makes my skin soft and it smells delicious! My order also came with a sample...If I had more money I'd buy them all! Thank you for a wonderful product!

Ann Marie Penton

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